“Pixie Hart has arrived to bring a splash of magic to everyday life proving anything is possible if you truly believe in it.”

Pixie Hart isn’t like the other children in her town, which leads to people to thinking she is a little strange. However this is only because they do not understand her. She has a talent that only her and her Mama know about. Pixie does not try to please the people around her though. She knows how special her talent is and it isn’t until a school trip goes wrong that suddenly the children in her class discover that Pixie Hart is one of a kind!

Growing up in a world full of pressures is tough for young children and after becoming a mother myself. I wanted to create a strong, female character who achieves anything she puts her mind to. I hope that Pixie Hart will inspire young girls and boys to never give up on their dreams and to believe not just in Pixie Hart but also in themselves.

The book is written and self- published by myself and illustrated by Lucy Littler. This is an empowering tale about an ordinary girl who demonstrates how you can achieve anything if you believe.