I have dreamed of becoming an author for the past five years but have been writing stories my whole life. Before having my daughter Lola, in April 2017, I was a primary school teacher. I loved my job very much and put my heart and soul into being a good teacher but it didn’t leave much thinking/creative time to work on a book. It was in the early days when Lola was teeny, tiny (and not sleeping a lot) that had the time to think about the story I wanted to write, the book I wanted to create and it was then that ‘Believe in Pixie Hart’ came to life. Lola most definitely inspired me to create the character Pixie Hart and write the “perfect” story.

Once I had wrote the story I didn’t want to waste anytime. Before I had Lola, I had written a few stories and had sent them to publishers but each time I waited and waited for a reply and each time it was a no. This story was different, I needed to get ‘Believe in Pixie Hart’ into the world and I decided I wasn’t going to waste anytime. I decided to self publish my book. Then came a lot of “google-ing” and hard work. It took around 8 months to produce the book and all the hard work paid off when the first copy of the book arrived. It really was MAGICAL!

I currently spend my days dreaming of Pixie Hart’s next adventures and working out how I am going to continue to spread the word about the book. I am just a little fish in a big sea of book publishers and authors so who knows what the future holds. All I know is that I will never stop believing!

sophie blowing glitter