Raising a Strong, Independent Child Ready for the World…

I remember when Lola was first-born having an overwhelming sense of responsibility to get her ready for the big wide world. She was so very little and seemed so vulnerable. My mother lioness instincts kicked in and I just wanted to change the world so she would be able to live her life happily without a worry. I soon realised that this was completely unrealistic (I should also mention I was very sleep deprived and not really on this planet hence the ridiculous thought). I soon realised that I needed to prepare Lola for the world not prepare the world for Lola.

As a teacher I knew the best way place to start when teaching young children is with a book. I would start many a lesson with a story which would lead to the children asking questions and therefore end up with us all having a real thought-provoking discussion. The children participated in a really beneficial learning experience without even realising!

All of this lead to the creation of Pixie Hart. Pixie is an inspiration for our children because she is true to herself and comfortable in her own skin. She still continues to believe in herself completely even when others around her do not believe in her.

These are the skills that our children need as they grow up. It is never to early to start teaching them that they “have the power to make their thoughts and wishes come true” because we can’t prepare the world for our children but we can prepare our children for the world. After all…we are raising children that could one day change the world!

You can buy your copy of Believe in Pixie Hart here…BUY “BELIEVE IN PIXIE HART”

rainbow pixie hart picture

The Front Cover 💗

You can see here how the very talented Lucy Littler created the front cover for “Believe in Pixie Hart”.

The front cover is first thing people see when they pick up the book so we both felt a lot of pressure when creating it. Lucy and I had a fair few attempts at it but we got there in the end and we have created the perfect front cover for the story. Let me know what you think… x